Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chymes - Oracle

Introducing Chymes, a freshly-formed and exciting Australian electronic pop duo comprised of Central Coast-based multi-instrumentalist Cameron Taylor and vocalist Kiersten Nyman, who have just unveiled their debut single called "Oracle", which also serves as the first taste of the duo's upcoming debut EP, Grow, due out later this year.

After the pair met working together on another project, Cameron and Kiersten came to realise both their writing styles and voices complimented each other and they shared a connective love for similar styles of music. They soon experimented with each other's contrastingly dark lyrics and playful innocent sounds and an entire EP aptly-titled Grow bloomed out of the bedroom-studio project.

Speaking on the track, the duo says:

"'Oracle' started off as something we were really unsure of in the beginning. The song is about someone who distracts themselves with unnecessary fantasies of who they are/who they should be or want to be. You can see that person is being self-destructive and you feel you can help them, but they won’t listen. We wanted to keep the lyrics somewhat ambiguous so the listener can provide their own meaning, it could mean anything to anyone. Once we changed the tempo and stripped it back it took a new form. It became a bit dark and moody but with elements of bouncy playfulness."

Listen to "Oracle" below.

Premiere via C-Heads Magazine.


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