Monday, April 18, 2016

RENÉ - Underwater

Introducing London-based artist RENÉ, who has today unveiled her debut single, "Underwater". Produced by Ton Epoch, the track combines somber, electronic undertones with soulful, melodic vocals to create a track that captivates and evokes feelings of personal relevance. RENÉ's alluring vocals have the ability to entice listeners alongside poignant storytelling that evidently showcases her songwriting ability. Delving into the desolate feelings that occur in a relationship, "Underwater" tells a story of unrequited love and the struggle to differentiate between staying or leaving. "I wonder why I stay around" expresses the personal doubt of the relationship but continues with lyrics such as "I need you around" that seamlessly sums up the conflicting feelings felt. "Underwater" is no doubt an emotionally raw and honest debut that truly show’s the enchanting presence of RENÉ and one that is sure to make her an exciting and bold artist for 2016.

Listen to "Underwater" below.

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