Thursday, October 20, 2016

Anna Straker - Serious

Rising 19-year-old London-based singer/songwriter and producer Anna Straker retruns today folowing her previous two tracks, "How We Are" and "Late Night Swimming", with her infectious new single called "Serious", along with an accompanying music video. Taken from her forthcoming debut EP of the same name, "Serious" leads with twinkling 80s keys, her signature staccato synths and an infectious clap making for a dancefloor ready cut with undeniable groove and attitude. The video, choreographed by Kendra Horsburgh (Jungle - Busy Earnin') sees Anna dance and contort her body in sync with the flows, melody and tiny details of the track’s groove. Monochrome flashes of light and darkness enhance Anna’s distinctive silhouette, laying her striking aesthetic bare against the minimalist backdrop. The stylised movements and powerful stance illustrate her independence as a young female artist, whilst visually echoing the strength in her assertive, husky tones.

Watch the video for "Serious" below.

Anna Straker's Serious EP will be released on November 15th. Pre-order on iTunes.

Premiere via Nylon.

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