Friday, October 21, 2016

Woodes - Rise

24-year-old Melbourne-based electronic artist and producer Elle Graham, aka Woodes has just unveiled her soaring new single called "Rise", which also serves as the third track following "The Thaw" and "Daggers & Knives" to be lifted from her much-anticipated self-titled debut solo EP, due for release on October 28th. Produced in collaboration with Kllo's Simon Lam, the sweeping track sees Woodes enlisting an all-star choir for the backing vocals including: Alex Lahey, LANKS, Lupa J, Nirrimi, Abraham Tilbury, Edward Vanzet, Golden Vessel, Tommy Wilson, Juice Webster, Uncle Bobby, JaysWays, and BATTS.

Speaking on the track, Woodes explains:

"I wrote 'Rise' on my first writing trip to NYC. The song grew into something within a day, we bounced well off one another. We met in the middle through an admiration of sci-fi and fantasy. After the session I got off at Central Park, with the track on loop. It was night time by then. The power I felt within the song + from being in that city felt enormous. I couldn't wait to play it live. I remember walking down the streets smiling to myself that music had lead me there.

Since that initial session it's grown through collaboration. Simon Lam and I worked together to re-build the track's production once back in Melbourne in his studio. I then reached out to a number of my favourite musicians and people to sing on the pre-chorus and chorus with me. This includes my friends LANKS, Alex Lahey, Nirrimi, Lupa J, Edward Vanzet, Abraham Tilbury, Jaysways, and Golden Vessel among others.

It was the first time I received guest vocals on my own song and it felt really special to have them all singing along with me. Rise is a story with a beginning, middle, and an end. To me I see it all quite visually about a woman that emerges from the water

Listen to "Rise" below.

Pre-order Woodes' self-titled EP on iTunes.

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