Friday, November 18, 2016

NVDES - I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club

Los Angeles-based project NVDES, otherwise known as the creative collective curated, produced and co-performed by Josh Ocean, has today released his long-awaited debut EP, Life With Lobsters via B3SCI Records. Along with the release, NVDES has also unveiled the EP's latest single called "I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club," which premiered earlier this morning via Galore Magazine.

Speaking on the inspiration behind this song, Josh says:

"This song was inspired by seeing a girl in a Berlin club with a shaved head. I thought it would be fun to write a song about desiring a person with a shaved head because there could be that mystery as to what sex they were... I decided to only leave the chorus lyrics, because I thought the 'tip of the iceberg' approach was more impact with my message.

Ironically, I wrote this the day before the tragic shooting at the Pulse night club in Orlando. I was in Berlin and thinking about the progress that the LGBT community has made in the USA and how I hoped that feeling of acceptance would spread. The next day when I learned of the shooting, I was deeply saddened and questioned the progress of LGBT rights in America.

The past year NVDES has seen a rise from obscurity and anonymity to topping the list of new artists to watch by releasing a steady string of bombastic singles giving fans an incessant run for their money, in the best way possible. Knockout EP tracks "8am" and "My Mind Is" (feat. Oliver Tree)" showcased NVDES' mastery in crafting well-developed pop songs whose individual parts are nothing short of madness. New single "I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club" continues the wonky trend, with "I Give Up, I Need Your Love" rounding out the boisterous 4-track debut.

Listen to "I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club" below.

Purchase a copy of NVDES' Life With Lobsters EP on iTunes.

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