Thursday, December 15, 2016

LINNEY - Alone Tonight

27-year-old Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Caitlin Linney, aka LINNEY has had quite an exceptionally good year, having released two EPs, Things We Say back in early March and Things We Do in June, as well as sharing a steady stream of covers songs for artists such as The Chainsmokers, The Naked and Famous, Sia and Flume, just to name a few. But now today she's back with her latest original offering called "Alone Tonight", which was co-written and produced by Jeff Schoeny. Once again LINNEY showcases her delicate and sweet vocals as she sings "So let's take the back road that we used to drive, it's easy to lose time when you're by my side" over driving instrumentation thus making "Alone Tonight" one of her most emotional and compelling songs to date.

Speaking on the track, LINNEY says:

"Someone recently asked me if this song was about a pastime fling. But no. It’s deeper than that. It’s about a period of time where I felt so close to someone and experienced something so beautiful that I couldn’t bare to risk the chance of breaking it by moving past anything more than an intention. It could have been. But it wasn’t. Like there’s an invisible line drawn between two people that is never seen only felt. It’s too special to tarnish with complications. So you lie in bed next to them and never even touch them but hold your breath the whole night. "

Listen to "Alone Tonight" below.

"Alone Tonight" is available now on iTunes.

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