Friday, March 10, 2017

Seersha - Paper

Having first come to our attention back in early February with the release of her debut single, "Wasteland", Atlanta-based artist and producer Seersha now returns today with her new single called "Paper", a synth-infused electronic pop stunner which also serves as the second track to be lifted from her forthcoming self-titled EP, due for release on May 12th on her own label, Fox Nose Records.

Seersha wrote and produced the record in 3 weeks after a stint in Nashville writing primarily pop country music. "I quickly realized music is not a corporate, formulaic activity for me," she explains. About "Paper", Seersha adds, "Looking back on the process of creating these songs, there is this theme of layers - layers of sound (my voice, synths, programmed and live bass, simple beats) and layers of meaning. 'Paper' is definitely an example of that - and I’m most interested in what it means to you, the listener, what it brings up, what you feel."

While Seersha isn't sharing much about her background, she will divulge the origin of her name. Seersha is the phonetic spelling of Saorise, an Irish or Scottish name meaning "freedom." "That's what this whole project is about for me: giving myself freedom to create whatever I want, with the intention of making space for the listener to freely feel," she says.

Listen to "Paper" below.

"Paper" is available now on iTunes.

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