Friday, April 28, 2017

Tove Styrke - Say My Name

Swedish singer/songwriter Tove Styrke has today shared her long-awaited new single called "Say My Name", the follow-up to her US debut album, Kiddo, released in 2015. A playful love song at its core, "Say My Name" is about longing to be with someone while nothing else matters. Bottom line: Styrke wants people to feel good when they hear this track.
"Say My Name" was co-written and produced by Tinashe "T Collar" Sibanda and Elof Loelv, who has worked with artists such as Rihanna, Zara Larsson and Icona Pop.

"There's a reason why so much music is about sex and love. It is linked to one's worst and best experiences. I have not written about love before because I didn’t want to write another love song. But I have changed. I am tired of being angry, right now I just need to make music that makes me feel good," Styrke says. "The stronger I sing, the less I can affect the song. The more quiet I sing, the greater the differences will be in the tone and texture. A lot of people are afraid to talk loudly, but there is a strength to talking quietly - thus people really have to listen to you. There’s no need to try to be a man in a man’s world."

Listen to "Say My Name" below.

"Say My Name" is available now on iTunes.

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