Thursday, May 18, 2017

Natali Felicia - Run Like The River / This Summer Is Cruel

22-year-old Stockholm-based singer/songwriter Natali Felicia has today released not one, but two brooding and epic dark pop singles, "Run Like the River", which deals with refugees and a world in crisis, and "This Summer is Cruel", a song that deals with inner turmoil.

"I tend to write a lot about running away from something," Natali says. "In this song ['Run Like the River'], I wanted to tell the story of someone who flees in the hope of finding a new home. I don’t like using the word refugee for a human on the run, but seeing the world crisis right now, I want to be blunt about this. Those of us that have the opportunity to use our voices need to do this loud and clear."

As for "This Summer is Cruel", Natali goes on to explain: "It’s pure love song, and not one with a happy ending. There is a kind of torture - both hopeless and sensual... in desiring someone or something you love so much, when your love is unrequited. Still, there is the knowing that you have to let go."

Listen to both "Run Like the River" and "This Summer is Cruel" below.

Premiere via BlackBook.

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