Wednesday, July 26, 2017

DeQn Sue - Melanin

What the world needs now, especially in today's unpredictable political climate, is more songs like Alabama native DeQn Sue's new single, "Melanin". Produced by DeQn Sue herself along with WoodaWorx, "Melanin" is an upbeat and socially conscious track that fuses together elements of pop, funk and R&B with lyrics that promote race equality: "black, brown, dark and light... don't matter what you're like, you are precious in his eye... colours, why do they make a difference to you?'". "Melanin" also serves as the latest single following "Messy" to be taken from DeQn Sue's upcoming sophomore album, Juggernaut, due for release on August 18th.

"I want to make music that lasts," DeQn Sue says. "Music that you will think about for years to come."

Listen to "Melanin" below.

Premiere via Clash.

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