Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mina Rose - Lemons and Limes

Born and raised in South East London, promising newcomer Mina Rose introduces herself today with her debut single, "Lemons and Limes", a colourful yet cutting compound of trip-hop, dub, hip-hop and vivid contemporary pop. With influences that range from Outkast and Gorillaz to Gil Scott Heron, Mina Rose translates her own experiences of London's melting pot into writing songs which are as rooted in the paradoxes of present day city-living as they are conscious of history and hierarchy.

Speaking on the track, Mina explains:

"'Lemons and Lime's is about feeling that we are moving away from the inclusion that Smiley Culture was talking about in tracks like 'Cockney Translation. I feel that there are forgotten people and creations that have come from the heart of London that people are now unaware of which can remind us of the beauty of a multicultural society."

Already beginning to make waves beyond her close-knit musical crowd, Mina Rose also runs her own online vintage clothing shop, Girl Down Brockley, while also juggling her studies in Visual Arts & Design. With '"Lemons and Limes" featuring a cameo via Shishco Bob from Mina's block, the results are a stark reminder that "we have everything we need on our doorstep. The focus at the moment is too much on celeb culture and what we don’t have, which leaves us ignoring the wealth and beauty of what is in front of us and around us".

Listen to "Lemons and Limes" below.

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