Thursday, January 18, 2018

Nina Luna - Tell You Now

Having delivered some of 2016's most unforgettable pop gems such as "Hope Run Wild", "Goodbye Forever" (featuring Lex Low) and "Blaze", the latter which has since amassed nearly 85,000 streams on Spotify alone, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Nina Luna now returns with her first new offering of the year called "Tell You Now", which once again showcases her knack for writing and honest and heartfelt pop ballads.

Speaking on the track, Nina says:

"'Tell You Now' was inspired by a moment I had with someone, this incredibly physical and visceral experience of actually having to pull these words back in just as I was about to say them because it wasn't the right time. The experience stuck with me so vividly and I wanted to describe it as honestly as possible. The song is a dreamy reflection on what could still be."

Listen to "Tell You Now" below.

"Tell You Now" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via The Most Radicalist.

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