Thursday, April 26, 2018

Kayelee - What Love Is

20-year-old Norman, Oklahoma-raised, Boston-based singer/songwriter Kayelee Ayers, who is currently in her Junior year at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, has today unveiled her brand new single called "What Love Is", her second offering of the year following her electo-pop banger "Don't Wanna Be With You" which was released back in January. Produced by David Wilson, aka dwilly, who also sings on the track, "What Love Is" showcases Kayelee's rustic, powerful voice in a much more soulful, stripped-down setting.

"I wanted to make 'What Love Is' completely different from anything I've released before," says Kayelee. "I want this song to show a contrasting side of me. A simple, broken-down side that people don't normally see. 'What Love Is' is a 6/8 electronic love-ballad with raw lyrics and sweet, simple melodies that capture what love has been to me. It's the complete opposite of my last release, 'Don't Wanna Be With You', which was an up-beat Pop/EDM anthem about shedding the negativity in your life and finding yourself again. 'What Love Is' is a turning-point for me because I have been able to tap even more into my own creativity and dive deeper into who I am and what I want to write about. I am excited to release 'What Love Is' and I hope people love the honesty and simplicity as much as I did creating this track."

Listen to "What Love Is" and watch the video for "Don't Wanna Be With You" below.

"What Love Is" is available now on iTunes.

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