Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Late Night Gems #82

Aly Ryan (feat. YNW Melly) - "Facetime"

Alyson Stoner - "Fool"

Andie Case - "Bubblegum and Cigarettes"

Ava King - "Murder In The Summer"

BX - "Dumb Boy"

Cat Clark - "Young Rich"

Chela (feat. Banoffee) - "Shut You Up"

Chloëbeth (feat. Gabe Knox) - "Take Control"

Emma Danelon (feat. Renzo) - "Questions"

Fanny Andersen - "Dollar Signs"

Ivy Adara - "Callgirl"

JGrrey - "All For You"

Kaiya Wolff - "Bad Boyz"

Lisa May (feat. Ian Hanks) - "Good Kisser"

Maccie - "Dance For Your Queen"

May Wells (feat. Naya Ali) - "One and the Same"

Taliwhoah - "Run Along"

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