Friday, November 30, 2018

New Music Friday #85

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising female artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week.
Enjoy! xoxo

ABISHA - "Confused"

Alice Merton - "Funny Business"

Alys Williams - "Don't Mind"

Amber Ais - "Wildheart"

BABii - "Phantom"

Baby Goth (feat. Trippie Redd & Lil Xan) - "Swimming"

Bailey Bryan - "Songbird"

Beatrich - "Love Shot"

Brooke Sierra - "Say the Word"

Carlile - "Better Suitor"

Cat Turner - "Easier"

Charlene Soraia - "Temptation"

Charlotte OC - "Satellite"

Cheat Codes & Kim Petras - "Feeling of Falling"

Chlöe Howl - "Out of Luck"

Clypso (feat. Sophiegrophy) - "Strange Behaviour"

Elina - "Champion"

Fever High - "Avec You"

- "Feel Better"

Foley - "Stranger"

Foxgluvv - "Crush" (Moonoversun Remix)

Heartstreets - "1 Double"

Iris Gold - "Keep The Light On"

Isy Isy - "I Set Me Free"

Jordan Danielle Harris - "That Way"

Katy Tiz (feat. Ed Drewett) - "Life"

Lila Drew - "November"

Lucy Daydream - "When's The Last Time You Lived Your Life?"

Lyrah - "Don't Make Me"

Miloux - "Lay Back"

Miraa May - "Make Room"

Munnycat - "Check It"

Nemi - "Come For You"

Nina Nesbitt - "Colder"

Odette (feat. Gretta Ray) - "A Place That I Don’t Know"

Olivia Grace - "Higher Ground"

Paige Bea - "After All"

The Parkers - "Wasted Generation"

Pip Millett - "On Your Mind"

PRINS - "Oh Well"

Rina Sawayama - "Flicker"

RZLZ (feat. Maydien) - "Bubblewrap"

Sasha - "Ouch!"

Sínai - "A.N.X.I.E.T.Y"

Sydnee Carter - "Give It All Away"

Taylor Janzen - "New Mercies"

Tessa Violet - "Bad Ideas"

Una Mey - "Just Rest" (Vocal Remix)

XIRA - "Sleep Talker"

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