Saturday, September 5, 2015

EZA - We Keep The Lights Out

Following on from last year's release of her debut EP, Means Of Escape, along with her follow-up her single, "Headlights", which was featured on the Nashville Indie Spotlight compilation alongside tracks by other talented ladies such as Fleurie, Ruelle and REMMI, Nashville-based electronic pop artist Ellery Bonham, aka EZA makes a welcome return with her latest single called "We Keep The Lights Out". Part of EZA's unique sound is attributed to a neurological phenomenon she experiences known as synesthesia. Her synesthesia allows her to see colors and patterns while listening to, and creating her own music. She has used those visual cues to help create her magnetic, pulsing music.

Speaking on the track, EZA says:

"'We Keep the Lights Out' is a really exciting step into my new music. I want people to find it refreshing, different, bold, and new — all while being able to relate to it. I'm all for making some sexy music if you can get it just right. When you do, there's something really genuine and beautiful about it. Hopefully "We Keep The Lights Out" has done that, and if people want to put it on their make-out playlist... I mean, go for it."

Listen to both "We Keep The Lights Out" and "Headlights" below.

"We Keep The Lights Out" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via HillyDilly.

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