Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rodes Rollins - Young & Thriving

Having previously collaborated with Branko last year on his track "Out Of Sight (So Right)", Los Angeles-via-New York artist Rodes Rollins has today unveiled her stunning debut single called "Young & Thriving", which also serves as the lead single to be lifted from her forthcoming EP, Young Adult. Produced by Alex Goose (Kevin Gates, Weezer), "Young & Thriving" tells the tale of the fleeting nature of beauty and youth. The song conveys spaghetti western undertones with psychedelic flair and is both modern yet nostalgic, drawing inspiration from Nancy Sinatra, The Black Keys, and Broken Bells. Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint plays drums with Rollins on the single.

Speaking on the track, Rodes says:

"I wrote 'Young & Thriving' in the middle of the night last summer in L.A. It was one of those songs that almost came to me in a dream. It conveys a broad theme of the EP - that is, the creation, experience, and the subsequent undoing, of formative moments and relationships that make up one's youth. Whereas the other songs are more specific and anecdotal in nature, 'Young & Thriving' communicates a broader narrative. These moments that I try to encapsulate throughout the EP have been incredibly powerful and impactful to me as I've come into young adulthood. And at the same time, as a song like 'Y&T' reflects, I know that they are only momentary building blocks along the way towards a much greater narrative."

Listen to "Young & Thriving" below.

Premiere via Billboard.


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