Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Dominique - Receipts

New York City-based singer/songwriter and producer Dominique has today unveiled her brand new single called "Receipts", the follow-up to "Use Me", released exactly one year ago today. Taken from her forthcoming second EP, Dominique co-wrote the song with two fellow NYC women, MDA and EJAE, the latter of whom is signed to South Korea's SM Entertainment and offered additional production for "Receipts." The production is a refreshing mix of cool-as-anything indie pop and equal amounts glossy electro pop, with the guitars and synth work driving the infectious summer rhythm in perfect harmony. Dominique's production know-how is of great compliment to her graceful vocals as her attitude laden lyrics are perfectly executed amongst the rhythm. Whether it’s the songwriting, production or vocal work, "Receipts" firmly displays Dominique as a truly remarkably talented artist.

On the motivation behind "Receipts", Dominique explains:

"'Receipts' is about someone asking you for a second chance and trying to convince you that they'll treat you right, but you've kept a record of everything they've done in the past and you won't fall for their manipulation tactics again. Working on the record with my songwriter friends MDA and EJAE was such an uplifting experience and I'm so happy with what these two talented women contributed to the track. To top it off, my dad played bass on each chorus in the song, and I got to record him myself when I visited my hometown last month."

With a desire to further the female producer scene, Dominique wants to inspire others to follow in her path. Her skills extend from her solo efforts to committing half of her time to collaborating, writing and producing for other artists out of her home studio. Alongside her forthcoming EP, Dominique is also producing and co-writing a mixtape where she opts not to sing but pulls focus toward foreign languages in pop music by inviting vocalists from all over the world to sing in a mix of their native languages and English. Her dream is to continue to build on her firm foundation and one day write and produce tracks for top 40 pop artists.

Listen and watch the lyric video for "Receipts" below.

"Receipts" is available now on iTunes.

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