Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Kelsy Karter - Sad Sad Summer

New Zealand-born, Los Angeles-based songstress Kelsy Karter steps out today with her brand new single called "Sad Sad Summer", the follow-up to "Easy Tiger", a collaboration with Hudson Thames, released back in early May. "Sad Sad Summer" is a soulful blues-pop ballad that once again showcases Kelsy's gorgeous vocals over a sunbleached arrangement. The new single is also accompanied by a music video that you won't be able to take your eyes off, whilst the track tells the all too relatable story of personal sadness - a feeling Kelsy hammers home with her stadium ready vocals.

Speaking on the track, Kelsy says:

"The day I wrote this, I spent hours trying to write a 'bop', but my head was off on another planet. I laid on the floor and cried and complained for an hour then sat down at the piano and wrote 'Sad Sad Summer'... this is a truly honest song for me."

With support from the likes of EW and KCRW on her early releases, "Sad Sad Summer" is the entry point of Kelsy Karter making the music she wants to make. Citing influences like James Brown, The Beatles and Rolling Stones, Kelsy mixes up a combination of a rebellious nature, a nomadic spirit and enormous talent to create a unique vibe. Describing her distinct sound as "modern soul", Kelsy's unique vision takes her fans on a journey in a time machine through the great musical acts of an earlier era, seamlessly blending nostalgic vibes and current pop influences. Kelsy says, "I want to be an artist that speaks to my generation. If you want a 50-year career then you have to be innovative and ahead of what’s next. A lot of my drum patterns and guitar tones veer toward those early Beatles vibes, but my lyrics are modern and they will always move and grow with me in the modern world."

Watch the video for "Sad Sad Summer" below.

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