Friday, October 12, 2018

Megan Lara Mae - From The Ashes

Born in Birmingham but now living in Brighton, 22-year-old pop singer-songwriter Megan Lara Mae has today unveiled her cinematic new single entitled "From The Ashes", a song about rising out of the dark place and into the light, and never dwelling or letting the past define you, "From The Ashes" also serves as the fourth and final single following "Caribou", "Listened" and "Losing To You" to be taken from her forthcoming debut EP, Into Daylight.

Drawing from both her classical and contemporary music training, her uplifting and empowering yet sentimental vibe identifies with many audiences. Megan is inspired by musical greats such as Elton John and Kate Bush, while also taking influence more from contemporary artists such as Rae Morris and Sigrid. Megan Lara Mae began songwriting at age 12 and by the age of 15 was performing her original music at shows and festivals across the U.K. During summer 2017, Megan took her talents to the stages of well-known music festivals including The Great Escape, Smoked & Uncut and even Glastonbury Festival. Megan's list of accomplishments also includes radio recognition through broadcasts and Live Lounge performances on BBC Introducing for BBC West Midlands and BBC South, as well as being featured on Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing Mixtape for BBC Radio 6 Music.

Speaking on the track, Megan says:

"'From The Ashes' is reflective of my own story, but essentially the song carries the message of rising from a dark place and going into the light, while never dwelling on the past. So for me, I had an experience in my life that hurt me pretty bad and put me in a really dark place and I could've kept following that path for myself, getting darker and darker... but instead of dwelling on it and letting that define me, with a lot of help from some amazing friends, I was able to rise from it and be at peace with the situation. I hope that 'From The Ashes' can help other people in similar situations."

Listen to "From The Ashes" below.

"From The Ashes" is available now on iTunes.

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