Friday, October 12, 2018

Salt Ashes - Go All Out

Following her previous single "Girls" that was released back in early May and has so far garnered nearly 300,000 plays on Spotify, Brighton-based singer/songwriter Veiga Sanchez, aka Salt Ashes now returns today with her brand new single called "Go All Out". Once again featuring her signature dark synth-pop sound, on "Go All Out" Salt Ashes also opts for an ear-catching tropical vibe with uplifting keys that loop repetitively over contemplative lyrics.

Speaking on the track, Salt Ashes says:

"'Go All Out' is a song about what I would say to my younger self if I had the opportunity to. I don’t like regrets and think they are destructive but it's nice to reflect on what I would say if I could do it all over again."

Listen to "Go All Out" below.

"Go All Out" is available now on iTunes.

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